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Because it all happens on the inside

Our Services
Diensten Borbotech

BART Testen

Pipeline investigation

Material research

Cleaning pipes

Water treatment

Corrosion prevention

Corrosion monitoring


Our references
Referenties Borbotech

Here is an overview of our customers, for whom we have been able to work for in recent years.

Our customers include installers, hospitals, property owners, investment companies, airports, consulting firms, insurance companies, construction companies, sewer inspection companies, drinking water suppliers, pension funds.

Our products
Rubber sprinklerpiping

We are dealer of the following products:

Rubber sprinkler pipes
Livetap products
Zone check
CorrinSite monitoring plugs
C-Sensor monitoring sensor
PURGEenVENT breather valves
VCI additive
Nitrogen generators
Ultra filtration units for water reservoirs

Our equipment
Apparatuur Borbotech

Our equipment consists of camera equipment for pipe testing, drilling equipment for drilling under pressure, equipment for cleaning sprinkler pipes.

Our projects
Projecten Borbotech

We have been able to carry out projects at airports, chemical plants, shopping centers, offices, industry, distribution centers, media parks, gas extraction stations and much more

Our vision
Visie Borbotech

We aim for a long-term relationship with our customers.

Borbotech would like to contribute to gaining insight into the functionality of piping systems.

What does your sprinkler system look like internally and does it function if there is a fire?

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